The Calibration Laboratory of Scientific Mes-Tecknik Pvt. Ltd is the first Lab of an Indian TMI manufacturer to be recognized and awarded with this certification.


The process of periodic checking of instrument by comparison with another instrument of better accuracy for the purpose of detecting, adjusting or reporting errors is termed Calibration.

Significance of Calibration

Accurate measurements play a vital role at each stage in development & production of quality product. But majority of TMI simply shift over time. There are certain parameters which affect the performance of electronic instruments-

  • Aging of components
  • Surrounding temperature and humidity
  • Fluctuation in power supply etc…..

Therefore systematic and periodic checking and calibration of TMI is very essential for consistent and reliable measurements.

Advantages of calibration at Scientific

  • High accuracy reference standards
  • Strict maintenance of environmental conditions
  • Technically trained personnel
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Servicing, repairing and calibration under one roof
  • Fast turn around time
  • Reasonable charges
  • Automatic recall on calibration due date
  • Technical support
  • Continuous update with new technology
  • Collection centers all over India

Calibration Services Offered Scientific

  • Calibration of all Analog/digital Oscilloscopes,
  • Calibration of power scope, combiscope
  • Calibration of Digital Oscilloscope Meter
  • Calibration of DMM (Bench-top, Hand held etc.)
  • Calibration of AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Calibration of Signal Generators
  • Calibration of Function Generators
  • Calibration of Pulse Generators
  • Calibration of Frequency Counters
  • Calibration of Voltmeter
  • Calibration of Ammeter
  • Calibration of Ohmmeter
  • Calibration of Resistance Boxes
  • Calibration of differential probes
  • Calibration of Spectrum Analyzer
  • Calibration of LCR Meters
  • Calibration of Distortion Meter
  • Calibration of Milliohm Meter