AFJ Instruments is an Italian company with a mission to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective instrumentation, complying with EMC, RF-Monitoring and Product Safety Standards.


CINERGIA is a Spain based manufacturers of high-technology products based on an industrial hardware platform and their standard product portfolio includes Grid Emulators, Bidirectional Battery Chargers and Electronic Loads.

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies, is an U.S.A. based manufacturer of Vector Network  Analyzers designed to work with the Windows PC via USB interface.

Compliance West USA

Compliance West USA, Inc. founded in 1983, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art Hipot and Ground Continuity test equipment for manufacturing line and laboratory product safety testing.

Delta Elektronika BV , Netherland

Delta range of Power Supplies are designed to meet the challenges of today's demanding equipment. Since 1959, Delta is a leader in a market that demands efficiency and reliability.

Dr. Hubert GmbH, Germany

Dr. Hurbert GmbH  estabilised in 1984 specialised in Power amplifiers and other universally applicable components for purposes in the fields of research, development and industrial processes.

Heinzinger Electronic GmbH, Germany

Heinzinger was founded in 1959, Company has for nearly 50 years concentrated on the development and production of high-precision and technically high-quality power units. 

Laplace Instruments Ltd., UK

Formed in 1988 , Laplace is poineers in EMC test equipment range , provides cost effective solutions.

Magna-Power Electronics, Inc

Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. founded in 1981, focused on developing a strong capability for designing and prototyping custom power supplies and manufacturing magnetic components.

Newtons4th Ltd

Newtons4th Ltd (abbreviated to N4L) established in 1997 Specialised in sophisticated test equipment, product portfolio includes Frequency Response Analyzers (gain/phase analyzers), vector voltmeters, phase meters, Impedance Analyzers, true RMS voltmeters, Selective Level Meters, Laboratory Power Amplifiers, and Power Analyzers.

Schloder GmbH, Germany

Schloder GmbH has expertise in EMC test and measurements, manufactures range of EMC equipments for compliance tesing.

TESTEC Elektronik GmbH , Germany

Since 1991 , TESTEC Elektronik GmbH , Germany is in production and distribution of probes for oscilloscopes and accessories for the measurements.